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This huge world introduces questions to our children and the answers aren't located in worksheets. At DayQuest we answer these questions through a journey of exploration. Our young explorers profit from a play based curriculum enriched with the fundamentals of Art, Music, Math, Social Science and Language Arts which are essential for every child. Process based art activities and exciting science activities are compositions of our daily adventure. Growing a garden teaches agriculture. Blending shades of red and yellow reveals orange. Mixing ingredients captivates a young cook as he culminates many math, science, social science, art and preliteracy skills gained through experiences at DayQuest.


At DayQuest we maintain a small intimate atmosphere to deliver the high quality personalized care each child and their family deserves. Not only does DayQuest meet the state standards of adults per child ratio; our goal is to exceed them. Our warm multicultural environment produces individuals who appreciate the uniqueness in each person and our diverse world. Our young explorers forge lasting friendships and develop much needed social skills through purposeful play. Loads of structured and unstructured playtime is imperative in socially and emotionally sculpting our children. When you visit DayQuest you will first discover us by hearing the voices of children shrilling, noticing little eyes gleaming, and sensing a vibe that feels like home. 


Days at DayQuest

Come to the edge.

We might fall.

Come to the edge.

It's too high!

Come to the edge.

And they came,

and we pushed,

and they flew.

C. Logue


“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.

Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Samantha Jonson 


Inside Our Home

Our Nutrition

DayQuest believes in the term,"put your money where your mouth is" in living up to this term we provide healthy meal choices for our children using high quality food.  


Healthy food choices affect your immune system, mood and your overall well-being. A healthy diet is essential in positively influencing the growth and health of children. In preparing children for their journey in life we seek to inspire them to make healthier food choices. We start this process by providing a well balanced home cooked meal.


Our garden serves as an opportunity for the early introduction and appetite of many vegetables. Our meals consist of Cage free poultry, Grass-fed beef, hormone free milk and dairy products; our goal is to implement organic foods as often as possible.  


DayQuest only feeds your children the best because we wholly believe they are.

Our Staff

Our staff is reflective of our program and is comprised of warm friendly faces. Our team possesses over 20 years of early childcare experience. Each staff member has passed an extensive background check and is CPR/first-aid certified. DayQuest understands the valued importance consistency provides young children and makes every attempt to maintain a staff of familiar faces whom our children have fostered relationships with. One of the many benefits of a home child care experience is a qualified staff member is always available for emergency questions and services. 


Our Safety Measures

The safety of each child at DayQuest is our highest priority. Our team takes a wealth of safety measures to ensure the safety of each and every person in our home. We enforce serious measures to maintain an infrastructure which is clean, secure, and safe.


We begin our safety measures with our team. Ensuring that each team, household member, and volunteer undergoes an extensive background and fingerprint check aids in assuring our families their child is in safe hands. DayQuest continues these measures by providing consistent emergency training to our personnel. Part of this training is emergency drills - which include fire; severe weather; CPR/First Aid; and other emergency situations. Understanding how crucial each second is during an emergency we post timesaving information in each daycare area. Ensuring the safety of our children extends outside our home, we offer yearly training CPR/First Aid training to our families.


Maintaining a clean environment helps us to reduce the spread of infectious viruses. While we understand that children will come in contact with viruses and other infections we recognize by disinfecting toys; and surfaces everyday we can significantly reduce the spread of infections.  


Implementing a series of tests, monitors, and other environmental checks aids us in safeguarding our space. We begin our home's safety by maintaining a secure, locked location. Our exterior entry points have signs visibly posted that this is a smoke and gun free environment. We have completed environmental testing for mold and radon. We maintain smoke and carbon monixide monitors on each level of our home. Each floor is equipped with recently inspected fire extinguishers.


Our home is an integral part of our environment; by safeguarding our home we further ensure a safe environment - your child is safe at DayQuest.

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