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DayQuest understands as each family is different; so are their child care needs. We provide several flexible programs and schedule options to accommodate our families.  Regardless of which program or schedule your family needs DayQuest is that familiar safe place that will welcome your family as it and your children grow. Our Infant Custom Care program provides nurturing child care for infants as young as six weeks old. Our Tots and Twos program offers toddlers an engaging fun filled experience. Our preschool program specializes in preparing little ones for school. For families with a busy schedule DayQuest provides before and after school care with transportation. Drop-In care is a service many families utilize for no school days and other emergency circumstances. At DayQuest we understand that your children are your highest priority and make every attempt to assist our families with providing children another place to call home. 

A Day at DayQuest*

Welcome and Breakfast

Free Quest/Dramatic Play

Morning Meeting

Science Activity  

Learning Center

Clean Up/Potty Time


Supplemental Class

Clean Up/Potty Time




Art Activity

Learning Center

Afternoon Arena

Free Quest



*As we strive towards teaching our children to be adaptive, so are we. The above schedule is subject to change as we often modify our program to accomodate the weather, interest levels of children, their moods, and temperments.

A day's Menu

We provide home-cooked healthy meals daily. Weekly menus are available. We provide alternate choices for children with allergies. Families with restrictive diets are welcome to bring healthy meals.



Small cup of blueberries

Turkey Sausage





AM Snack







Grass-fed Grilled Chicken Breast 

Steamed baby carrots

Steamed Broccoli

Fresh fruit cup

Naan Bread




PM Snack







Ground Turkey Meatloaf

Green Peas

Apple Slices



A Journey of Learning

At DayQuest children our encouraged to explore. We track the weather, observe birds in migration, examine animal tracks and utilize our environment as a key part of our curriculum. We strive to summerse children with experiences which foster a life-long desire and quest for learning.

Every day our structured program provides meaningful moments and experiences which create an expansive learning atmosphere. We value parents as integral partners of the DayQuest team and provide weekly lesson plans. Constant communication with parents is maintained as we cooperatively journey with their family.



Supplemental Classes and Activities

Establishing a creative environment where children are exposed to alternative programs is fundamental to the DayQuest Design. We partner with several enrichment programs in our community to provide supplemental classes for our children. Early exposure to varied activities is signicant in building an engaging environment and promotes an ease when little ones  are transistioning between activities. 


Some of our programs include: Language Immersion, Soccer, Dance, Cooking, Gardening, Music classes, and Yoga.



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